Do you want to make sure you’re getting website leads from mobile devices? Mobile lead generation can get you a ton of money.

Mobile browsing makes up nearly 70% of digital media time. So if your email signup rates on mobile devices are low, you’re missing out on a huge audience.

Need some help to optimize your lead generation strategy for mobile audiences? This article will show you top tips to get more leads from mobile devices so you can up your mobile lead generation game.

Mobile Lead Generation: Ways to Get More Leads
Since mobile lead generation is so important these days, we put together this awesome list of the top ways to get more leads from mobile users.

1. Offer a Text Coupon

A great lead generation strategy for mobile is to dip your toes into SMS text message marketing. SMS marketing includes sending promotional offers or notifications to customers through text messaging.

Sending text messages to leads and customers helps draw them back to your website, where they can make a purchase while on their mobile devices. You can learn more on this tactic with this helpful tutorial on how to create an SMS popup in OptinMonster.

2. Test Website Speed

A slow site could be causing your mobile lead generation to suffer.

If your website speed is slow, your mobile leads will drop like flies. Even a half of a second can make a huge difference in your bottom line. Test your mobile website speed using a free online tool such as Think with Google and make improvements if needed.

Check out this post on ways to speed up your WordPress site if you need some ideas.

3. Check Your Website Theme

On mobile, screen space is a precious thing. So confusing, dated, and bulky themes will easily scare away your potential customers and really hurt your mobile lead generation efforts.

Try not to have complex layouts with flashy animations, and opt for a minimalist WordPress theme when you can. Using premium WordPress themes will make sure your site is optimized for mobile browsers who expect lightning fast websites. Here are some of our favorites:

Revolution Pro

4. Use a Popup

Even on mobile, email popups are incredibly useful for growing your email list. So if you’re not using popups and targeting mobile users, you’re missing out on an easy and effective way to generate mobile leads and add new subscribers to your email marketing lists.

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